Bat guano can be hazardous to human health and should be removed immediately from your Lexington, KY home or business. The fungus (Histoplasma capsulatum) can grow in areas where bat guano accumulates. Bats do not directly spread the disease, but areas with large amounts of bat guano such as bats in attics or bats in walls are prime locations for the fungus to grow. The spores can be spread in wind or through HVAC systems and inhaled.  Bats in attics and enclosed buildings where bats have roosted are areas of particular concern. Histoplasmosis is a respiratory infection and may result from exposure to the Histoplasmasa spores. Histoplasmosis is a respiratory illness with flu-like symptoms and can be fatal in those individuals with weak immune systems.

Bats are very common throughout Lexington, KY neighborhoods.  In the evenings you will see them as they hunt for insects. Bats are vital to our environment and they eat as hundreds of insects each hour. However, as helpful as bats may be they can cause serious conflicts in Lexington, KY homes and businesses. The conflict with bats occurs when they select Lexington, KY homes and businesses as roosting sites. These roosts can contain hundreds bats. Bats in the attic of your home or business can lead to damage and a very strong odors. This odor is primarily caused by very large deposits of bat guano (feces) below the roosting site.

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Bats in the attic

Bats normally gain enter into Lexington, KY homes and attics through very small openings, even holes as small as ¼ inch can be a bat entry. Bats will also roost in the attic vents and siding of Lexington homes and businesses. If you have bats in your attic call our certified bat removal and bat control compnay.  We are Lexington's most complete  bat removal, bat exclusion and waste remediation Company.

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The first step in solving your bat problem is to call our Lexington, KY office and schedule certified bat Inspection. Our AAAC certified bat removal specialists will perform a complete inspection of your Lexington, KY home or business and provide you with a comprehensive solution. Our AAAC certified bat removal company will get the bats out quickly and humanly, IAW all KY state laws and regulations.

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